Each year, 3 million students leave school over a financial emergency of less than $1,000.

For many students, an unexpected expense—a medical bill, car breakdown, or increase in child care costs—that stretches their budget can force them to drop out of college. With at least one-third of all students saying that they don’t have $500 on hand for emergencies, the altAid program aims to support students through these financial crises by providing direct financial assistance for unexpected expenses that create a burden and can threaten to derail their education.

Students facing unforeseen financial crises can complete a simple online application for an altAid grant in less than 10 minutes. Decisions are communicated within 3 business days and funds are deployed directly to students. altAid’s quick turnaround and easy-to-use platform provides critical financial relief with minimal hassle, allowing students to remain focused on school.

altAid is available to students who are enrolled in higher education, a workforce development program, or other vocational training pathway. To qualify for financial support, students must have experienced an unexpected financial hardship within the last 60 days that is impacting their ability to pursue their education. Grants can be used for basic needs, school equipment, medical bills, and other unexpected expenses, excluding rent and tuition.

  • Average grant size is $423.
  • Students are eligible to receive one grant per 12 months.
  • Awards are granted without regard to race, color, creed, religion, sexual orientation, age, gender, disability, national origin, GPA, or immigration status.

“This grant is literally life changing for me. I can purchase a 3 month supply of my diabetes medication (which is very expensive) so that takes off a lot of my financial burden and stress in regard to my health for the next three months. I am incredibly grateful!”

Yodi P.